Parenting a Spirited Child

In my attempt to bring more joy to my life I decided to look at the areas of my life where I find myself struggling. I spend my days at home with 3 children under the age of 5. My days are long and busy and just plain crazy at times – but motherhood brings me great joy. However, parenting a spirited child is HARD.

Four and a half years ago I gave birth to a sweet, spirited little boy. A little boy who in every phase of life has pushed me. If you are a fellow mom to a spirited child – I see you. I know your struggles. You are not alone. Spirited children require more from us.

For years I’d say to myself, “E is pushing my buttons” or “E is pushing me to my limit”. I’ve slowly come to realize how wrong I am. He is pushing me beyond my limits and into a better mother and person. He needs more from me -more of the best version of me. I’ve had to grow into the mom he needs. The mom that gives more hugs and kisses, has more patience, picks her battles so she can say “yes” more. 

The days I am truly intentional with him are the days that I get the best of him – and that is the greatest joy.



In the last year, my husband and I moved to a new state and welcomed a new baby. As my family adjusts to being a family of 5, I find myself reflecting on both motherhood and  myself. Above all else, I want joy. More joy for myself, more joy in my home, and more joy for my children.

What is joy? What am I really after? Happiness. Laughter. Being more carefree. Finding the kind of peace and calmness you get from listening to the waves crash while watching a sunset – in ordinary day-to-day moments.

Daniel and I have begun a journey towards a more minimal lifestyle. I have confidence that removing the unnecessary and the clutter – both physical and mental – from our lives will make more room for joy to be present.

I hope you enjoy following this journey with me.